What We Care For!

Education,they say is the best legacy. The best gift we can give any child. It is also said Ignorance is a night in the mind,a night without moon or stars,no light;which basically means an ignorant person is in the dark.
We at RARS Foundation have decided to give everyone we come in contact with the opportunity to come to the light,the light brought about by knowledge with our Education Provision Program.
We have so many young ones that cannot complete their academics because of funds and family circumstances. so far, we have been able to sponsor one through school to complete his senior secondary school exam and obtain the West African Examination Council certificate.
Our plan is to send back to school kids that are out because of funds through scholarships.
We at RARS Foundation have decided that everyone deserves a second chance, another shot at whatever they decide to do. With our Boundless Potential Program, we hope to help Prisoners understand they too as much as anyone else, have the opportunity to in a good and respectful way make do with whatever time that have left to impact the world positively.
We are working on bringing Prisoners up to date in world innovation, by giving them a way out in technology and proper economically viable skill acquisition; to increase their options when they are out of prison, best than allowing them go back to crime because they feel they can’t meet up.
This is a lifetime project we have embarked on as a body to change the narrative of many Nigerians and Africans.
The world is evolving; Skills have now become an important aspect of our lives. Due to the lack of white collar jobs, skills  are almost now proportional to the value placed on a person.
No one wants to be left behind while the world is advancing, no one wants to have less or no value placed on them; RARS Foundation in a bid to help people advance, have a Program for unemployed youths and undergraduates.
Here we plan to equip our youths with skills to create value in 3 thriving sectors of the economy, namely 
i: Agriculture 
ii: Fashion
iii: Technology
We chose these are because they are sustainable, there will always be an existing market along with ease of entry, and better prospects.
Food is vital, shelter is a necessity and only a few are privileged to access both. In a bid to work along side with the first Sustainable Development Goal aimed to end poverty, RRR provides humanitarian assistance to the less privileged through provision of shelter, food stuffs and clothes for the special people. We have been able to feed one thousand (1000) beggars and hawkers on the street. We have also given food and cash palliative to 24 families which comprise 16 widows, and some other families that find it difficult. 
Currently, we are working on building a shelter for a widow that lives in an inhabitable place with 6 kids.